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Production process

Since 1920 Matthijs produces liquorice, wine gums and gum. Thanks to the experience of generations Matthijs knows the market like no other. The original recipes of the past still play a major role in today's market. And we are proud of it! But besides that we know the market like no other, we also renewal. Which is a flexible and comprehensive production entirely possible!

Painstaking process

Developing such a drop does not happen overnight. Our concept department works closely with the first step in order to get the right combination of block liquorice, salt, sugar and the corresponding colors, flavors and fragrances. Once the prescription is determined, the first series produced under tight control and after approval, the liquorice goes in production. Within the manufacturing quality and hygiene are paramount. At each step of our process controllers are present that liquorice, wine gums and gum tests. So we are certain that, after the endpoints, the dry periods and the tunnel shine, and there is always a high quality product is delivered.

IFS, BRC and HACCP certified

Matthijs course meets all major certifications in the areas of hygiene, production and consistently high quality. This means that every product that leaves the factory is guaranteed.

No raw AZO

It is also important to know that Matthijs does NOT work with AZO commodities. That means NO dyes are added to an allergic reaction.


Within Matthijs we continue working on developing new types of candy. A challenging process in which we continue to grow. So this is reflected in our branded range, like the Matroesjka's. But also for private and fancy labels, it is possible to develop your own kind of liquorice. How about peanut taste of liquorice with or gum in the shape of your logo with a traditional strawberry flavor? Ideas and opportunities are plentiful. Any questions please contact us info@dropwinkel.eu.►